The taboo around you

I'm standing outside, soaking up some December sun, visiting my parents-in-law in Spain. It's nice to find some warmth here since there's rain and cold weather in our small Dutch hometown.

My mind wanders away. Weeks passed since the last update. I've felt such a strong urge to create NotYetDads, but it doesn't seem to flow like the beginning. Has the first rage and enthusiasm faded? Was it just a blurb?

No. The most meaningful is still happening: conversations with people offline, DM's, calls, and interviews. It's alive. Just not as much here, on Instagram. I haven't figured out what works for both of us.

I notice that most of you have a hard time traveling from Instagram to the website. So, from now on, I'll experiment with making my stories into "cards." Picture-pieces of my words, swipeable for your convenience. A lot more work for me to make, but heck, everything for the cause. 

"Why do you want more people to read NotYetDads, why is it so important?" asks a critical voice in my head. 

I want more people to read about NotYetDads because I believe it fits in today's era of more openness about the process of discovering emotions. Male emotions specifically. And since the bumpy male road towards desired parenthood is a taboo and hidden topic, it's an excellent opportunity to kill three birds with one stone.

  1. Assist other men with their journey towards a family with or without kids;
  2. Discover and enhance my emotional library to be able to help others with theirs;
  3. Get this taboo out in the open to get more understanding for people that want to be parents, but are not (yet).

So, to get ahead with uncovering taboos, let us start with a question for you to answer in the comments:

How many people around you struggle today, or have struggled, getting their first child?

And of how many have you known DURING that process?

I'll go first: 3/2.