Performance day

The road when kids don't come naturally has its weird moments. Inconveniences, annoyances, mishaps. Today, a glimpse into one of them: performance day.


It's the second night of the new year, and it's back: waking up at night around four. I have a thing for waking up at night. Somehow, my mind wakes me and starts processing these thoughts and emotions into stories. This story is the latest one worth sharing.

The taboo around you

A short reflection on the process of getting NYD of the ground so far.

Male emotions vs society - Round 1

In my quest to get NotYetDads off the ground, I'm speaking to other men without kids. It feels like these conversations offer me pieces of a puzzle. So, I love to get to know the stories of more and more NotYetDads. Feel free to reach out if you're up for a chat.

The Right Path

Being on the roller coaster is hard, but some good things come from it as well. I wrote about finding the right path for our future and how I found it.

The continuous rollercoaster ride

Do you remember the PC games "Theme Park," or Rollercoaster Tycoon? You could spend hours in the pre-mobile phone era, building the best theme parks that had almost infinite long and super crazy roller coasters. Well, that's what's being a Not Yet Dad can entail. Being on one of those endless roller coasters. This article gives people that want to understand how bumpy this ride can be a small peak into the life of a Not Yet Dad.

Day One

Wow. After putting this website in the air and sharing my thought on Instagram, things blew up. Now it's time for action, will you help me with directions?

When enough is enough

My wife woke me up this morning with disturbing news, and in the day that followed I...