Hey there, welcome to NotYetDads.

This website shares stories from men with the wish to become a father. Some of the men in these stories ended up with kids, and others didn't. Their common theme: their road has been, or is, bumpy.

" My wife lost our forth baby - or babies actually - and something inside me wanted answers, to be heard, and to talk with people that were in a similar situation. I couldn't find anything online for men specifically, that's why I started NotYetDads on that weird September day".
Marijn, started NotYetDads in 2019

However, we're not there yet. I started NotYetDads writing down my stories and tips. I soon realized we need more angles than just mine. We need stories from not-yet-dads, stories from not-dads, ánd stories from dads.

That's what's in the works for Q4-2021.

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